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I won the lottery!

Dear Sis,

Do you watch "This is Us"?

I sure hope you do because it's one of the best shows on television!

And, if you don't -- get your WHOLE life!

"This is Us" is one of my all-time favorites! Yes -- I cry during just about every episode, and yes -- I love it!

Well, a couple weeks ago the season finale took me alllllll the way in! I'll spare you the emotional details, but there is one portion of the story line that really stuck with me.

Randall and Beth (cutest couple EVER) had gotten into a huge fight. There was tons of tension between the two of them, and despite their best efforts, they couldn't seem to hide it from their children.

Well, long story short -- Randall got a rude awakening when their oldest daughter very matter-of-factly reminded him of God's grace.

See, Randall overcame some major hurdles in life. He was abandoned by his birth parents as a newborn, and therefore had all odds stacked against him. Yet, he was adopted by a loving family, and later married a gorgeous woman who gave him the one thing he's always yearned: a biological family.

"You won the lottery.... TWICE", she said.

The teenage girl frankly reminded Randall of all the blessings given to him in life... not because he did anything special to earn them, but simply because of God's favor.

Therein lies our lesson.

No matter how difficult life gets, or how many twists and turns make us question the journey, ALWAYS remember the gifts in life that you didn't deserve.

-- the sickness that could have killed you, but didn't.

-- the car accident that should have crippled you, but didn't.

-- the promotion you received, yet didn't have to apply for.

-- the loving, supportive family that you didn't have to choose.

You won the LOTTERY, sis! And, don't EVER forget it.

From this point forward, let's approach every day with a "Jackpot mentality" --- knowing that whatever comes our way, we've already won.

Until next time, V

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