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Dear Sis,

Years ago, I was obsessed with other people's experiences. I'd find myself asking other women, generally older than me, how they managed to accomplish their success, or navigate live's journey.

I always had a long list of "How-did-you" questions. Things like: "How did you find your passion in life?" "How did you know when the time was right?" or... "How did you know you were ready to move to the next step in life?"

In a way, I guess I had hopes of gaining guidance in my own life -- a step-by-step blue print of how to make the right choices. Maybe I was seeking ways to avoid mistakes or red flags. I thought myself, "through their experiences surely I can figure this thing out". In a sense, It was my way of "proceeding with caution", in hopes of seamlessly transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

I've always gotten amazing responses to each question I've asked. But in retrospect, perhaps the most honest advice I have ever received is: "you will never be ready."

"Ready" meaning completely prepared. Most of us have an innate desire to go after something and succeed without failure. So, we strategize and create detailed plans, with every intention of coming to the table fully prepared. But honestly who is ever *FULLY* prepared for anything?! A job, marriage, parenthood, a new business venture.......I'll wait!

"I was completely ready and prepared to be a mom" said no woman EVER!

I'm convinced none of us we will ever be ready. Whatever "ready" means to each of us doesn't truly exist.

"There is no READY, there is only WILLING"

... Willing to take the first step without seeing the whole picture. ... Willing to bet on ourselves even if we don't know it all. ... Willing to try something new.

We are all students literally figuring it out day by day! None of us really know what challenges we may come across. None of us know what obstacles we will face. Our READINESS is based on our WILLINGNESS to do it anyway.

If you're that person who has constantly worried about your readiness, more than likely you'll never start (trust me girl, I know! 🙃) So I've stopped questioning my readiness and started challenging my willingness and I'm starting to feel a shift.

Stop worrying about being ready.....Instead, ask yourself, am I WILLING? If the answer is yes, JUMP! Xoxo, Lo

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