I have a Superpower

Dear Sis,

I have a Superpower.

I didn't inherit it. It blossomed over time.

In fact -- I didn't even know I had it buried within me.

It took years to bloom, and a ton of frustration to bring it out of me. But now, I use it every chance I get.

I call it the Power of Nothingness.

And, let's be clear -- by "nothingness" I don't mean the absence of activity. I simply mean the art of knowing how and when to do nothing at all.

As many times as my superpower wanted to reveal itself --- I suppressed it's urge, thinking for some odd reason I needed to.

See -- I used to think I needed to respond to every. single. thing.

If someone accused me of wrongdoing, I needed to verbally defend myself.

If I heard negative rumors being spread behind my back, I needed to confront the source.

Or if situations somehow exploded into chaos, I needed to rise to the occasion in anxiety and angst in order to combat the uproar.

Doing or saying nothing was not an option.

So, I found myself spending countless hours trying to protest negative energy with negative energy --- only to find myself smothered.... in NEGATIVE ENERGY.

Then, one day it dawned on me: "what is spewed toward you, does not have to be reciprocated."

I'm no longer easily enticed by other people's actions. And, trust me -- people and situations test me. But, more often than not -- I choose to *under-react* knowing that my demeanor will speak for itself.

And, just like magic -- the chaos has stopped... the negative energy no longer festers... and, I have been set free!

Calmness is my Superpower!

And, it can be yours too. Just redirect your energy and remember, "... the ability to not overreact, or take things personally, keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace."

Until next time, V

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