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Just Because

Dear Sis,

I've never been a person to do things "just because".

I call myself a "sentimental do-er". Everything I do stems from some sort of affection.

For instance, I love to write and I love people. So -- I'm a journalist. I knew that I could use my innate skills to rally for the under-served, expose injustices and highlight the good in our communities.

I remember telling my dad I wanted to go into broadcast journalism. He was thoroughly disappointed, because he had a big dream for his little girls: one would be a doctor, the other would be a lawyer. And, I don't blame him. As the provider of our family, he was trying to secure financial success for his daughters.

But, here's the thing -- I wasn't passionate about science nor law. So, I had zero interest in those careers.

Instead, I tend to opt for the things that move me. One of those things is music.

Most people assume I was an English or Journalism major in college. But, nope! I have a music degree.

Imagine how THAT conversation went with my dad.

Him: "Soooooo.... you want to be a journalist, but you're going to get a MUSIC DEGREE?!?!"

Yea -- that didn't go over very well. In fact, right after college, I stopped singing all together and went to grad school to focus on "more serious" aspirations.

Now, more than a decade later -- I've somehow achieved the best of both worlds. I'm a professional writer, yet an extra-curricular musician.

Just yesterday, I was working with my church's music ministry for our annual Women's Day. At the end of service, the "Extraordinary Women of St. John" surprised me... honoring me for my dedication and service.

Me... the girl who almost walked away from her passion.

Me... the one who underestimated the impact of her God-given talents.

Moral of the story:

Do what your soul loves.

There are people who see you.

There are people who will appreciate your genuine gifts and generosity.

And, you will reap an unspeakable peace -- just knowing that you are doing exactly what you were created to do.

Until next time,


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