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Dear Sis, It’s funny how friendship works. You and your homegirl could live in two different states, work in completely different fields, have very different goals — yet, face the exact same challenge at the exact same time. Isn’t that strange? But, then again I guess that’s what draws friends to one another. We can authentically relate, and offer specific advice even when it’s hard to hear or comprehend. That’s where I found myself last week. I was frustrated — and so were a couple of my closest friends. We all had big dreams for our success, or a detailed vision of how we wanted life to be, but we became so wrapped up in the day-to-day grind, that we began to lose hope. The hardest part of it?... We had no one to blame but ourselves. Trust me — I would've loved to find someone else to pin it on, but the reality was... I couldn't. I had to take full responsibility of how I contributed to my own frustrations. So, after a heart to heart with my clique, and a honest attempt to answer some tough questions... we all came to the same conclusion: each of us have a terrible habit of selling ourselves short. There we were again — All dealing with very different situations, yet somehow we met on common ground. Ironically, all of us are pros at seeing the very best in other people. We know how to emphasize their strengths, encourage them to "go for it!", denounce negativity and reinforce positive vibes. But when it came to ourselves, those attributes were like speaking a foreign language. Each of us settled in various areas of our lives, knowing we wouldn't dare allow the same from our friends or family. The concept hit me like a ton of bricks! I realized, this habit of low balling ourselves is more than just a careless act — instead, it’s rooted in a lack of self worth. It is a bad habit much more powerful than we'd like to admit, and tends to reflect itself in every aspect of our lives. From relationships to our careers, and even starting our own businesses — we sacrifice our worth in an effort to "take what we can get", and combat the fear of missing out. Well Sis — if you're anything like us, just remember: no one else will see your worth, if you don't. It's not a company’s duty to value you, if you don't first view yourself as an asset. It's not a customer’s job to see the worth in your skill or product, if you never take the time to promote it. And once you decide what you're worthy of, be bold enough to take action! It's ok to walk away from people and relationships that no longer serve you well. It's ok to turn down an "opportunity" until a better one comes along. You are worth believing in yourself! Xoxo, Lo

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