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November 28, 2017

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The set up

February 25, 2019


Dear Sis,

We've all heard those inspirational cliches saying, "You can do anything you set your mind to".

They were recited religiously by parents and teachers as daily affirmations and reminders of how capable we are. As soon as you walk across that stage in cap and gown, family and friends slide money into a card with similar versions of the same mantra: "Never give up" or "The world is your oyster".

But, if you were anything like me you skimmed right passed those hallmark messages, and went straight for the cash. Lol



 Okay... okay... I'm kidding. Sort of. lol

The truth is: youthful ignorance makes a pretty firm foundation for confidence! You begin to truly believe you are unstoppable... that you can take on anything that comes your way. After all, you're young, right?! Life's just beginning, and your zeal for it is pretty hard to ignore.

Well -- there's a small little tidbit of information those card-givers seemed to have left out. There should have been an added sentence: "You can do anything you set your mind to. It won't be easy, in fact it'll be pretty damn hard... but, do it anyway!"

See, as we get older, we sometimes allow our momentum to shift -- subsequently, allowing our confidence to fade. We become too logical and flat out boring in our visions. Let's face it -- lack of confidence, fear, and self doubt only lead to a bland and unfulfilled life. Somehow our dreams and imagination take a back seat. Doubt begins to take precedence, and begin to flood ourselves with questions of "can I really do it?", "do I really have what it takes?"

We end up focusing more on what we don't have, the skills we haven't yet attained, and the network we haven't tapped into. Ultimately, we settle for a smaller, diluted version of what we've always dreamed for ourselves.
Well sis -- I leave you with two quotes that have inspired me to let go of passive goal setting, and have encouraged me to take action.

"Stop focusing on what you lack. It's a set up. You can't do anything with what you DONT have. Focus on what you DO have. That's how to win."
                                                - Maya Elious-


"I would rather look "silly" for trying and failing, than looking "silly" being in the same place year after year, because I was too afraid to try."
                                                 - Maya Elious-



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