Dear Sis, I'd love to say I'm perfect — but I'm not even close. If I'm being honest, blogging has taught me a ton about my obsession with perfection. When we began toying with the idea of "Among Sisters" we knew we wanted to inspire others through open dialogue, while creating a space for ourselves that we otherwise couldn't find. As much as I believed in the cause — I asked myself, “who am I to create an inspirational space for millennial women?” I doubted myself and the worth of my voice over and over again. "Maybe this isn't for me?" "Maybe this isn't the right time"

I felt I needed to be perfect in order to create a space for other women. In my mind — I had to have my ish all the way together in order to blog and offer my perspective. Well, almost two years later — I finally realize, I was dead wrong. Most of us have struggled with the desire to be "perfect" — to have it all together, all the time. We tackle motherhood, relationships, careers, and even singleness. In those roles, we struggle to present our very best selves, even if it's not a true depiction of our reality. So, we desperately bury our past, avoid healing our pain, overlook our mistakes and ignore our vulnerabilities... Not realizing that the very things we try to hide set the foundation for another woman's inspiration. As women, we all just want to be seen — to see ourselves in someone else — to know we aren't alone and that someone else has conquered the very obstacles we face. Other women can't see themselves in you if you aren't transparent and try to sugar coat your imperfections. When we take the time to remove the filter of faux perfection, we have the opportunity to become an honest and REAL source of inspiration. So remember — you don't have to be perfect to make a difference. Your stories, your past and integrity are all you need. You can inspire other women to find their confidence, by simply building your own. Perfection won’t do that, but honesty will. Xoxo, Lo

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