Beautifully Complicated

Dear Sis,

The other day, I came across a post by Sarah Jakes Roberts on Instagram.

It was a simple photo of her and her husband in the kitchen. No glam... just them.

The first sentence of her lengthy caption read: "All she ever wanted was to be this beautiful combination of leather and lace."

I was intrigued. I thought to myself... "leather and lace?? What an odd pairing".

The more I read, I began to realize that "leather and lace" were not representative of physical cloths, but served as an analogy for the many "fabrics" of her being.

"Leather" = strength

"Lace" = humility

In a few paragraphs, Sarah teaches what it means to fully embrace oneself.

"I'm an oxymoron of many things -- none of them perfect, but each of them uniquely me."

For some reason, we're made to believe that we must choose one thing or the other. That we can't be powerful, yet sometimes need help -- that we can't be wise, yet still learning -- that we can't be bold, yet sometimes insecure -- that we can't be level-headed, yet emotional.

For the first time, I understand how untrue that is.

We can simply be *all* that we are, and love ourselves for it!

I call it "beautifully complicated".

There's no need to simplify yourself! Instead -- bask in every ounce of who you are. Soon enough, you'll find out what it feels like to be loved even through your complexities -- that no matter how many fabrics you bring to the table... there are those who will wrap themselves in the beauty of your quilt.

"May you discover that you do not have to choose between leather or lace, but you can be this beautiful tapestry of both at any given moment." - Sarah Jakes Roberts

Until next time, V

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