Happy New Year!!......maybe 🤔

Dear Sis, I'm obviously a little late, but Happy New Year!!! There's always something really refreshing about January 1st, 20xx. A new year brings hope for new beginnings, a fresh start, another chance to get it right, or even build on the previous year’s accomplishments. It's an opportunity to leave old things behind and chart a new path. As we visualize ourselves achieving our goals and moving closer to the women we've set out to become we proudly proclaim 🗣 "New year, New me". lol Yup! That declaration can be pretty exciting! But, tackling it's lofty goals takes a ton of discipline and self-accountability. Truth be told, maintaining the "New Year motivation" can feel overwhelming before it even gets started. Think about LA Fitness on January 2nd compared to September 2nd... guaranteed — it’s not the same crowd! lol

I've come to realize the greatest thing about the new year is not the date... but, what it ignites within us. Our determination to turn a new leaf is rooted in something much bigger than a calendar acknowledging "New Years Day" across it’s first page. Instead — the first day of the year gifts us with a mindset of renewal, and the self-confidence to achieve whatever we set forth.

But, what if your purposeful persistence doesn’t kick in til January 3rd?? Is your “New Year” now null and void?! Girl, NO!! I’ll be the first to tell you: our personal new year can start whenever we get ready and we can have as many New Year's Days as we decide! I know from experience that it's ok to stumble, and start over as long as you keep pressing forward. If the first week of 2019 was all you hoped for, I'm proud of you! But, if things started off a little shaky and your intended vegan diet turned into a #1 at Chick-fil-A — that's ok too! It's as simple as regaining your momentum and starting over.

Yes — do everything you can to "cease the day", but despite the hype — no one day is any better than the next. Jan. 1st isn't any better than Jan. 7th. So, if you're like me and you're just now getting in the groove of 2019.... HAPPY NEW YEAR, SIS!!! May this year be the year you love on yourself more, take an extra leap of faith, and never count yourself out. Xoxo, Lo

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