'Cause I say so!

Dear Sis,

I’ll be honest with you — I’m having a severe case of writers’ block.

Usually, I know a couple days in advance which topic I’ll write about. That’s because the subject is often the result of a personal “ah-ha” experience, or a thought-provoking conversation.

Instead — I’ve had neither. I mean... not a single bit of inspiration since my last blog.

What’s up with that?!

It’s like I’m stuck somewhere between the giddy 5-year old awaiting the magic of Christmas cheer — and, the all-too-aware adult who realizes it’s not always “the most wonderful time of the year”.

The truth is: this season has brought as much happiness as it has sorrow. I’ve watched families mourn death — while others celebrate birth.

I’ve seen the look of worry and embarrassment on the faces of those who can’t afford to play Santa... yet, I’ve seen the joy of a community giving more than their fair share to those without.

I’ve been the voice of harmony — and, I’ve heard the rage of division. I’ve seen sickness and health — goodness and despair — gratitude and depression.

For every one thing that gives me hope --- there's another that makes me want to run and hide.

So, I thought to myself: why not write about exactly what I see and feel? I’m certain there are other people sitting at this same crossroads — the place where you want to be blissfully merry, yet you've found a ton of reasons not to be.

Well, I gave myself a pep talk and came up with a really riveting reason why we should kick the Holiday "blah-ness" to the curb.

Ready for this??... mmkay, here goes.

Reason #1: ‘Cause. I. Say. So!

Okay, okay... not really! But — REALLY!! We give ourselves soooo many excuses to be unexcited about life, that sometimes we just need a personal reminder to choose joy!

That's right -- as sad as this world can be, CHOOSE to redirect your emotional energy toward positive thinking. Instead of wallowing in the dark times, be the light that this world needs. Happiness won’t always come from the people or things around us — but, rather it lives within our intention! So, go out of your way to create the holiday spirit that you want to see!

If a family is hurting... do a good deed to make them (and you) smile.

Missing a deceased loved one? Make them a part of a new holiday tradition by printing pictures and including them in your holiday decor.

Whatever you do — don’t fall into the Christmas slump! Christmas is SO much bigger than circumstance -- it's about celebrating the gift of our Savior through love, peace and goodwill.

Until next time, V

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