Terminal 3

Dear Sis, 

I've never liked baggage. 

It doesn't matter where I'm going -- packing is my least favorite part. I wait til the very last minute to throw clothes in a suitcase, and hope I manage to remember everything I need. 

And, unpacking??... child, please! That luggage sits in a corner in my home and stares me down for a week with that pesky look of: "So, you're just going to leave me here???"

And, I relentlessly respond: "uh, yea girl... I AM!!"

Packing has always felt like a daunting task. You spend all this time planning outfits days in advance, only for Mother Nature to throw your entire vacation wardrobe in the trash! Not to mention, having to wait for your luggage to be delivered on what seems to be the slowest baggage claim terminal in America. 

The whole thing is more process than I'm willing to take part in. If I could hop a plane and have clothes, shoes and toiletries waiting for me upon arrival -- I'd be one happy soul. 

But, nah -- life comes with all sorts of baggage. Most of which, I don't have the patience to deal with. So, I choose to travel light -- especially when there's no trip involved. 

See -- I've come to realize that the heaviest baggage we lug around, is not physical -- It's emotional.  

We spend so much of energy toting around toxic relationships (friendly and romantic)... that we have no idea how it feels like to be FREE.

Free to be our authentic selves without being judged... Free to love without fear of not being loved back... Free to give without feeling unappreciated... Free to speak and be heard... Free to be weak without worrying who will be our strength. 

For some of us, the weight of emotional baggage has become second nature.  We've been trained to withstand mistreatment --- leaving us feeling unworthy of decency. 

But Sis, don't submit to that mess! Instead -- do what I do. 

If a person or circumstance does not pour positivity into my life... I let it go. 

If a relationship or duty brings more anxiety, than joy... I opt out.

And, if I only give and never "gain"... I put a budget on my "spending".

For instance, if you go out of your way to check on or be there for a friend, yet they never pick up the phone to evaluate your well-being -- you may want to put a gauge on how much energy you are "spending" on that relationship.  

It doesn't mean you have to cut them off completely. It could simply mean a shift in your mentality. Not every one will love like you love... and, not every thing deserves every ounce of you. 

So, honey -- leave that baggage at Terminal 3 and WALK AWAY. Someone else can take ownership of that burden.

                                    Until next time, 

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