In the End

Dear sis, 

Like most people, I've always hated death. I’m not one to jump at attending funerals and the cliche text messages like, "they're in a better place", don't make me feel any better. For some reason, I've never seemed to pull an ounce of positivity out of death. That was until last week. 

A friend sent me a screen shot that read:  "Kim Porter, Diddy's ex, found dead at 47"

Unable to wrap my head around the news, I replied, "Why would someone post that smh" 

Within a matter of moments, I realized the terrible news was true... I scrolled through Instagram searching her name and there it was…… "#RIPKIMPORTER". 

For some reason her death impacted me more than the average celebrity, possibly because of her family’s huge presence on social media. I almost felt as if I knew her. My heart instantly went out to her children. I imagined the excruciating pain I'd feel if I lost my mom, and tears began to well up in my eyes.

During the days leading up to her funeral, celebrities recalled cherished moments in tribute to her. It was apparent there was something special about her spirit. With no mention of her modeling career, they had lots to say about who she was:

"She taught me how to love" 

"She taught me I could be every woman"

"A very sweet compassionate angel"

"She lit up every room with her infectious love"

I was so inspired by their tributes that I found myself thinking about my own life, and the type of legacy I hope to leave behind. It became apparent that the position we hold rarely ever matters in the end. 

Society teaches us to chase after success, careers, money and status with all we have, letting nothing stand in our way.  But, Kim reminded me that with all the success life may offer, our accolades aren’t always the best things remembered.

".....People will never forget how you made them feel"

-Maya Angelou-

So, as we move through life chasing our dreams, let's remember how we treat others far exceeds any material achievement. Instead of only concentrating on physical reward, let’s consider these attributes... that we deposit love, act in kindness, encourage others, and be a source of light along the way. 



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