Dear Sis,

When you think about black women in America, there's one person who almost always comes to mind: Michelle Obama.

There is no doubt, she is our modern day shero.

She gave hope to brown girls on the south side of every major city. She spoke power and resilience into women with big dreams, who felt their skin color might hold them back. She and her husband made America re-believe in the authenticity of Black Love. And, she gave relatable poise to the titles of mother and daughter.

So -- when the announcement of her new book hit the interwebs, I was all in!

So far, I've only read the first few pages. But -- it is already my favorite! Not because it's written by my favorite #FLOTUS, but simply because I can relate to her on so many levels.

On paper, we are as different as they come.

She hails from the Midwest. I'm a southern girl through and through.

I'm the oldest child. She's the youngest child.

She has a brother. I have a sister.

I'm a preacher's kid. She's a city water plant kid.

She's a lawyer. I'm a journalist.

She's married. I'm not.

Her fav food growing up was Mac-n-Cheese. While I rarely touched the stuff.

She's married to the first Black President of the United States of America. Again -- I'm not.

She's a mommy. I ain't.

And, as far as I can tell, I'm likely half her height.

But -- of all the things we don't have in common, here are two we do: 1) We both know what it's like to be the only black woman in the room. 2) We both know what it takes to "become" our own.

In the preface of "Becoming", Mrs. Obama talks about her childhood aspirations -- admitting that life didn't always fulfill her dreams. As a kid, she wanted to be a pediatrician. But, she grew up to be a legal counselor. She also wanted a four-door station wagon. And now -- I'm pretty sure she doesn't drive at all.

"MO" opens up about all the roles she's played in life -- not just the public ones. The stressed out mom -- the daughter grieving her father's death -- and, the woman ripped apart for the size of her butt.

In a very raw way, #FLOTUS reminds us that EVERY circumstance serves a purpose for our grooming. That we can dream, yet sometimes fail. We can be powerful, yet criticized. We can be successful, yet disappointed. We can strive for one thing, yet achieve something completely different.

The goal is to trust the journey -- no matter how many curve balls it throws us. And, when life pulls us in ways we didn't anticipate or understand, it's important to be steadfast in who you are.

We can't always control or foresee where life leads -- but, we can control who we become in the midst.

Until next time, V

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