Reality Check

Dear sis,

Let's take it back to 2006 when not too much mattered beyond the small confines of my teenage world. Like most girls my age, I subconsciously had this crazy notion that it was all about me. During one of my self absorbed teenage moments, I can vividly remember my mom yelling 🗣 IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! I thought to myself "What so ever does she mean!?" Lol 😂

Back then, my mom used those words as an attempt to teach me a lesson on humbleness, and hopefully snap me back to reality.

Unbeknownst to her, years later — I'm still holding on to them. But now — in a much different way. Fast forward to adulthood, and a brand new set of circumstances — and I still have to remind's not ALWAYS about me. Truthfully, not going back to my old ways of falling into the "About Me Trap" has been one of the hardest things I've ever set out to do. Think about it: those disappointing moments in life when we can't help but wonder "was it me?" That heartbreak that left you asking "what could I have done differently?”... Or maybe, “if I had done more of this and less of that, would things have turned out differently?” 

Before you know it — we're in a never ending match of The Blame Game, telling ourselves continuously "I must have done something wrong". Now I've realized — my mom was right all along. Much of the painful circumstances we encounter, and hurt inflicted on us by others, actually has very little to do with us.

I know it can be hard to do, but — before you rush to take ownership of emotions and actions that may not be yours to bare, ask yourself, “is it really about me??”. If the answer is NO — then, do yourself a favor: Release yourself of the unnecessary guilt, and resist the urge to take the spot light — ‘cause girl... not EVERYTHING is about you. XOXO


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