Try Again

Dear sis, Little known “Lo Fact”: I'm a die-hard 90's R&B fan. Brandy, Monica, Destiny’s child, TLC and Aaliyah are my GIRLS!! I was one of Aaliyah's biggest fans. On any given day you could hear me singing "Try Again" at the very top of my lungs. 🎶 "IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED, DUST YOURSELF OFF AND TRY AGAIN." 🎶 It wasn’t until later in life that I realized those lyrics were more than just the chorus to a classic R&B song. Aaliyah taught us a bit about perseverance. And, as much as I love the rhythm, it’s much easier to sing about, than achieve. Have you ever failed, then shortly after became consumed with guilt, shame or regret? Or perhaps you've let failure turn into fear, and now you’re being held hostage by self-doubt. ME TOO! (Whew! glad we got that out there!) When things don't turn out as we expected it's easy to hide in shame, to play it safe, or torture ourselves by wondering how things would've turned out had we gone about things differently. Here’s the thing — nothing good comes out of holding on to moments we cannot change. I know — failure is a tough pill to swallow. It’s a double-edged sword. We hate for others to remind us of it, but we won’t let ourselves live it down. We hold on to failed attempts years after they've transpired and allow them to dictate who we are and how we move in our current lives. Well, here’s a reminder that I often have to tell myself: It's ok to FAIL! No... Seriously, it’s really OKAY! You can make a mistake in a past relationship, learn from it and still find love again. You can make a bad career move, learn from it and still prosper. I'll be the first to admit that forgiving ourselves isn't easy. However, I’ve learned that our failures don’t define us. They are just a small step in our journey. So, don’t beat yourself up! Take that failure, mistake or bad decision — and, make it work for your good! XOXO, LO

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