Dear Sis,

Have you ever allowed a person or situation to paralyze you?

... You didn't get the promotion, so you stopped applying.

... the pounds didn't shed as quickly as you hoped, so you quit working out.

... a friend turned their back on you, so you became a recluse.

... a loved one can't seem to get well, so you gave up on their healing.

... that relationship came to a hurtful end, so you stopped believing in the gift of true love.

Yep -- I've been there.

In fact, I'm STILL there -- the place of misconception that makes you believe avoidance is easier than picking up your broken pieces, and attempting to heal.

Guess what... it's NOT. The longer you sulk, the longer you are broken.

I know because I almost let life get the best of me. No... wait... I DID let life get the best of me.

I was helpless -- confused -- and, thought I had no where to turn. But then, my circle of wisdom came running to my rescue and literally forced me to overcome.

"You got this," she said. "You HAVE to believe in who you are!".

""With each step -- even though painful -- we draw strength", another reassured.

"The Lord is your light and your salvation... whom shall you fear?!" the other affirmed.

I thought I wasn't strong enough... I KNEW I wasn't strong enough. But after their persistence -- what option did I have?!

So, I put on my highest heels, beat my face and sashayed my hips toward what I thought would be too difficult to bear.

Sure enough -- it was much more tolerable than I anticipated. In fact, I felt stronger having gone through it than I did in the days before.

Therein lies our lesson....

Imagine the things we could conquer, if we didn't surrender to the failures or frustrations of our past.

All too often we deem ourselves "weak" before giving ourselves the opportunity to utilize our own strength.

Sweetheart, let me be the first to tell you: You are stronger than you think! You must believe that.

Once you've acknowledged the pain that has crippled you, take the time you need to heal. But, whatever you do, DON'T stop believing in YOU.

Muster up enough courage to tackle one step at a time, lean on the ones who truly love you and COME. THROUGH.

One day, you will look back at your journey in awe of your own triumph.

You are gorgeous. You are worthy. But, most of all -- You. Are. UNSHAKEABLE.

I believe in you,


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