QTNNA (question that needs no answer)

Dear Sis, Raise your hand if you’re a girl with big dreams and high expectations... Yep — me too! We’re ambition beings — which means we have a whole lot to accomplish before someone gives us our own series of the Golden Girls! As a dreamer you’re always mustering up ideas and while it can be exciting it can also be pretty daunting. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, with doubt sitting next to you the entire time. We sometimes torture ourselves by letting our thoughts lure us to negative places. But often times, there is something we subconsciously fear more than failure and self doubt combined — We fear other people. In the back of our minds we’re always asking ourselves “what will people say?”. So much so, I’d be willing to bet that this question has killed a gazillion dreams before they even got started. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a close bond with this question. In fact, it ran across my mind about 75,432 times while we were in the process of building the concept of Among Sisters. I almost decided not to follow through with the idea, but later realized I owed it to mysel to give it a shot. Have you done this before? Have you ever stopped yourself from following your heart simply out of the fear of someone else’s criticism? How many times has someone else’s perception made you neglect a dream or opt to play it safe? How many times have you felt unfulfilled simply because you wanted those around you to be comfortable. Well no more! Today, let's pledge to never choose acceptance over our own happiness! Instead, lets go after every aspiration knowing that those who reeeeeally love us will stick by our every move. 



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