Dear Sis, 

Remember that time we talked about embracing our "strong" friends??

Well, this message is for a different woman in our circle.... or, maybe she's the same woman bundled into one. 

I call her the "Lady in Hiding". 

She the one who has a wonderful circle of friends, yet still struggles to be vulnerable in front of others.   

She's the one who is visibly confidence, but is internally questioning her worth. 

She may be difficult to point out... because, well... she's hiding. 

And, she hides beautifully. She's often clothed in a smile and surrounded by social distraction. But inside, she is fighting back tears -- praying that no one notices.  

She has masked her pain so well, that some times she fools herself into believing that it no longer exists. But, ever so often -- maybe all too often -- that unhealed hurt boils over and forces her to crumble.  

She's hidden herself for so long, that she has no idea what it feels like to be emotionally free. 

She's taught herself to cope internally. 

"You don't need anyone else", she tells herself. "Just hold on... soon it will be okay."

That self-affirmation may be sufficient in some circumstances, but in others, it stings like a double-edged sword.

If you are "her", I have a message for you: YOU ARE LOVED. 

In fact, You are loved more than you'll ever fully understand. 

And, guess what... YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

No... wait. You are MORE than enough -- even in your brokenness. 

It may not make sense now... but, this season of solitude is grooming you for a better tomorrow. 

So, let others love on you... cry when you need to... be strong when you can... but, most of all — have HOPE through it all. 

I love you, sis.

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