Where’s the lie?!

Dear Sis, As a kid, I was always taught that lying is a sin. The concept is so engrained in me, that I can still hear my mother’s voice chastising me if I didn’t tell the whooooole truth concerning my annoying little sister. (Even though it was almost ALWAYS her fault 😬😂) As you get older, you realize there are levels to the game of lying. A little white fib here and there... no big deal! Lie to your homegirl to pull off a surprise party in her honor.... FORGIVEN. But, get to the point where you can’t decipher fiction from reality — and, we might have a problem!  Even still — I may argue that the biggest lie we ever tell, is the one we tell ourselves. You know, like —- ignoring signs of sickness because “it will pass... I’ll be fine”... Or telling yourself he’s the perfect guy, even though you know it will end in disaster... Or faking like you are fine playing “Superwoman” with no assistance at all... 

Or pretending that you don’t need professional help, when you know you’re drowning in depression. Sis, stop lying to yourself! No one benefits from your untruths... especially not YOU. We HAVE to be honest with ourselves in order to become our BEST selves! Think about it: how can you possibly heal, from ANYTHING, if you claim that it doesn’t exist?... or downplay its significance to your well-being?

Self-transparency isn’t easy, but it is 100% necessary.... and, it’s the only real way to begin ensuring that you are happy and whole.                                                  Love you, sis.... 

                                                              - V

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