No Matter What

Dear Sis,

I have come to learn there is nothing more fickle than Ohio weather!

One day it could be 40 degrees and rainy... and, the next it's a steamy 90 degrees with air so thick it's difficult to breathe.

The other day, I checked the weather as I got ready for work -- like usual. It was a partly cloudy 70 degrees with 55% humidity. Not bad, I thought. So, I opted for a light-weight coral-colored sweater with a necklace to compliment.

I threw on some makeup, flat ironed my hair and made it to work on time with breakfast in hand! #WINNING

My photographer and I got our assignment and headed to our live location. As we're standing outside prepping for the newscast, I felt a transformation begin to happen. That defiant patch of hair on my right side was beginning to show her true colors!

Within 5 minutes, those perfectly placed curls that I worked so hard to create, had swollen into a puffy mess. SMH

"Two minutes!", the producer said in my ear.

"Great -- that's plenty of time!" I thought to myself. So, I ran to the car in search of a ponytail holder. I looked through every bag, and searched every cup holder.

"1 minute!" she said as an urgent reminder.

Ughhhh.... no ponytail holder!

"It doesn't look that bad," my photographer said reassuringly.

So, I embraced the comedy of Mother Nature, and did my job with confidence.

Believe it or not -- that confidence wasn't always easy to find. There was a time in life that I would agonize over misplaced hair. Not because I was just that vein... but, because I knew how vicious viewers can be with their opinions and superficial critiques.

Thankfully, I've matured since then. Instead of sulking, I made light of my hair demise and posted it on social media.

I gave my followers a good morning laugh and all was made well in the world.

About an hour after that post, I received a text from one of the gorgeous, warrior women who helped raise me. We affectionately call her "Mother".

"I don't care what your hair does," she typed. "You are beautiful."

I'm not sure Mother fully understood the magnitude of her message. After all, she was just being her unconditionally-supportive self. But, for me -- her words were monumental.

Could I see past my outward imperfections?

Could I find beauty in myself no matter what?

It's so easy to love yourself when you have a head full of cooperative hair, your skin is flawless, your body looks as you want it to and everything is working in your favor.

But, what would happen if you were stripped of those physical attributes? Would you look in the mirror and love the image you see?

Ask yourself.

I'll be the first to admit that self love is not easy. But we must understand that beauty is not defined by face value alone. Only after we accept that, can fully exemplify and appreciate our worth.

So, if no one else stops to tell you, let me be the first to say:

Sis -- you are beautiful. Today... every day... no matter what.

Until next time,


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