Have a seat!

Dear Sis, 

Today's #MondayMotivation will be quick and to the point.

It will be easy to comprehend, but difficult to execute. 

Why? Because you and I have something in common: ...We do too much.

We tend to say yes to everything... show up for everyone... and pretend like exhaustion doesn't exist.  

We take on responsibilities that aren't ours... we care about and carry our loved ones burdens... and quite honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

But, Sis -- I need you to have a seat! 

I don't mean that in an eye-rolling, finger-pointing, "stay in your lane" kind of way.  I literally want you to sit down somewhere! 

I want you to find somebody's comfy couch, pour a tall glass of wine and take a nice. long. SEAT. 

For once in your life, I want you to do nothing. Absolutely NOTHING, hear?? 

I'm not saying abandon everyone in your life and run off to some deserted island... I just want you to indulge in some short-term, yet regular "me" time. 

A couple of hours a week....

A dinner alone...

A self-scheduled  massage...

An uninterrupted movie in your favorite PJs.

Just sit!  

"No, I can't do that"... "My family will think I'm crazy"... "Valencia -- they need me".

Blah, Blah, Blah! I've heard it all before. In fact, I've made all those same excuses myself!  It's actually quite humorous that I'm even writing about "taking a seat", because truthfully -- I don't sit! But, that's the point. I want you to be better than me, and learn from my self-neglect. 

Therefore, I am giving you full permission to sit pretty on your Queenly throne! Take all the time you need, for as long as you need. And, if anyone has smack to talk about it -- tell 'em to call me!

Rest well, Sis!

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