Break a sweat

Dear Sis, For this one I'm gonna need you to break a sweat!! Yep, you read that right. It wasn't a mistake. I need you to SWEAT!! I know what you're thinking, but stick with me for a few more minutes. This past week started out like a slippery slope. I mean, I woke up and before I knew it Monday was trying to take me out. She was for sure living up to her reputation as the most dreadful day of the week. Then, Tuesday came and just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, Madam Tuesday found a way to prove me wrong!!! I mean, it was only day two and I was ready to call it quits and fast forward to the next week 'cause another day like the previous two would ruin me! So, in typical Lauren fashion, I reached out to my "lifeline" — that group of friends and/or family who we always call on. 

I found someone who was willing to listen to my rant for the day, as I drove home. Well, just as I got there my friend was sitting in my driveway with wine. (YEEESSSSSSS!!) We ended up talking and laughing for a bit as usual, but it wasn't until the next day that I realized how much that moment literally transformed my week. It was a small gesture, but it took my mind off the stress around me and gave me the extra boost I needed to fight through the week. So much so, I've decided to use my friend’s example and start infusing more small random acts of kindness in my friendships, work relationships, and family. See — I've realized It doesn't have to be a grand or fancy gesture. Honestly, most relationships are built and thrive off of the small stuff: a shared laugh here, a pep talk there, or a venting session over wine. So, yep I said it! Sweat the small stuff, girl! Pay close attention and recognize when friends take the time to make small efforts. And in turn, go the extra mile to show people you're thinking of them, you support them, and they aren't alone even if it's in a small unexpected way. XOXO, Lo 

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