You don't run this!

Dear Sis,

For the longest time, I thought I was a "go-with-the-flow" kinda girl. And, for the most part... I am!

Last-minute brunch plans? I'm down!

Girls trip on a whim? Count me in!

Need a wing-woman for that event?.. Text me the dress code, and I'm there!

I am ALWAYS game for a new experience -- especially if it means hanging with great friends and eating amazing food!

I don't care where we go or whose car we take, I'm ridin' with you boo! No. Questions. Asked.

But, when it comes to life decisions, pump the brakes, darling... 'cause I need full blown GPS and a map of where we're going.

The joy ride of impromptu destinations comes to a screetching halt when you start steering my future.

See -- I have sought spiritual counsel and we have agreed on a vision. We've come up with a strategic plan, complete with step-by-step instructions. And, I try my best to follow them to a tee.

But every now and then, I catch myself getting a little ahead of the journey -- anticipating, even planning what the next turn will be.

Well, honey -- this week, sweet baby Jesus himself tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me, "You don't run this!".

I was all packed and ready for one quest, when God presented me with a totally new route.

I'm calling it Faith Boulevard... and, I know I'm not the only one who's been down this road.

I'm sure you've seen it... it's a one-way street with no foreseeable stopping point. It's the path that seems to only reveal it's course when we decide to step forward.

I'll be the first to admit: Faith Blvd is no easy drive. It requires you to submit control of the wheel, and truth be told: it can be down right terrifying.

I won't even pretend that I have all the answers to easing your fears, but I will share what helped soothe my anxiety as I relinquished the driver seat.

First, I ignored me.

There was this familiar, yet nagging voice that kept telling me to worry and be afraid. She spoke with such confidence, I almost gave in to her demands. But, then I came to my senses and gave her an ultimatum: either shut up... or get out!

Secondly, I acknowledged HIS wisdom.

It's clear God is taking me to a place greater than I can comprehend. If nothing more, I owe Him the same "go-with-the-flow" mindset that I entrust to my homegirls.

So, sis -- do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake. The next time God sends you on a trip down Faith Boulevard, embrace the unexpected! For we know that whatever the journey holds will work out for your good.

~ Romans 8:28 ~

Until next time,


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