Broken Promises

Dear sis, 

I've always said, “I hate nothing more than a person who doesn't follow through on their word.” I know hate is a strong word, but in this case it's a hundred percent appropriate. Honestly... is there anything more annoying than the constant cycle of promises being made and each being broken?? The run around can be simply exhausting — frustrating even. Well, come with me as we rewind this tale a few months. Toward the end of last year, I bought a notebook. I deduced to use it as a planner to jot down my to-do lists for the day and things I want to accomplish over the next 30-90 days. Oddly enough, I fell off the wagon. So, earlier this week I decided to pick it up, and get back into the swing of things. Well, something made me go back to the very first pages I wrote in the beginning of the year. As I'm flipping through and reading page by page, I noticed a trend. The tasks and commitments I made for myself began to look familiar. One page to the next, the words transferred themselves... and before I knew it Monday's commitment was now on Fridays to-do list. What was meant for January somehow showed up on February's calendar. What in THE world?! Was I one of those people who I despise? The ones who didn't follow through on their word? I was slapped in the face with a resounding YES!!! That's right.... ME! I hadn't followed through on commitments and promises I had made to MYSELF! The truth was literally right in my face... and sadly, I was faced with the reality that I had let myself down... NUMEROUS TIMES! SMH. Truth is: often times we want others to be committed to us, but how committed are we to ourselves?! How many dreams and Ideas have you left sitting malnourished?! How many times have you let everyday goals like living a healthier lifestyle or going back to school fall by the wayside? Well sis lucky for us it's still early in the game! It's a brand new month, a fresh quarter and we have 9 months left in the year to turn a new leaf and get it right. If you're like me — I urge you to revisit your old notebook or unfinished business. Let’s start holding ourselves accountable, creating realistic goals and tackling them with a concrete deadline in mind. Whatever that broken promise is for you, let's be sure to pull it off of our notebook paper and make it real. Let's see it through til the end. No more broken promises. Xoxo, Lo

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