Stormy Weather

Dear Sis,

There comes a time in every woman's life when she feels like she's just wading.

You know -- not moving forward or going backward -- not swimming full force or drowning -- just kinda staying afloat.

Nothing's really wrong... we achieve the day to day functions of life without hesitation, we have all the things we need and most of what we want -- but for some reason, the daily process of it all feels a bit lackluster. Our spark is gone and we've run out of fuel.

I call it the Fog of Over-achievement.

Think about it: we are so accustomed to seeing and experiencing success (ours and that of others), that we tend to under appreciate the times when everything is just fine. The constant rush of competition and need for gratification has trained us to overlook the fundamental good in life. So, being "fine" gives us a false sense of mediocrity.

But, honey -- it's far from it! We've survived life's storms and we've certainly seen our fair share of sunshine. Those accomplishments alone are worth acknowledging! Yet every now and then, we find ourselves stuck somewhere between partly cloudy and a full on thunderous rain. The grayness lingers a little longer than normal, so we wait for a ray of inspiration to peak through the clouds and pull us from our rut.

The good news is: this Fog of Over-achievement, like any meteorological prediction, is temporary. And you, my love, are Mother Nature.

You can choose what tomorrow will bring despite your environment or circumstance. Sure -- there may be some unexpected turbulence along the way, but you have the power to put a little hope in the forecast. I find that I am my best self when I intentionally energize my attitude, and do it consistently!

For me, that sometimes means blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs as I get ready for work (sorry neighbors LOL), other times that means silencing my phone for a moment (or an hour) of peaceful reflection. Whatever I need... I do it, and you should too!

That consistent sense of self-care, coupled with faith, is what will sustain you through the fog.

I ran across a quote this morning that really helped to drive this message home:

"When you feel like you're drowning in life, don't worry -- your lifeguard walks on water!"

Need I say more?!

Let's tackle today -- and every day -- knowing that God has 20/20 vision, even in heavy fog. We can rest assured that the clouds will break, the sun will shine, and we will weather the storm.

Until next time,


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