Dear Sis,

It's been 10 glorious days since we all became natives of Wakanda by way of fandom citizenship, and oh -- what wonderful days it has been.

Timelines across the nation were flooded with pictures of people decked out in all black or African garb. And, needless to say -- it was magical! Nothing says #BlackHistoryMonth like the national embrace of black superheroes clothed in boundless beauty.

Sure -- the aptitude of the Black Panther is purely fictional, but the unconquerable character has me convinced that we all possess super power.

No -- it may not be some bullet-proof suit that protects us from defeat, but each of us has the tools and capability to propel beyond our wildest dreams.

For me, it starts with persistence.

You see -- being persistent is a superior craft. It takes boldness, bravery and resilience to push oneself despite challenge or fear.

Persistence isn't easy, and can be downright exhausting, but it's the single factor that could guarantee your success.

The question is: What are you persisting toward?

Have you considered:

... the legacy you want to leave behind? ... the change you want to institute? ... the impact you want to make?

As we transition from Black History Month to Women's History Month, let's begin to be intentional about setting big-picture goals... Not just personal year-to-year achievements, but those that will leave a lasting imprint on the world long after our time on earth.

I'm taking the time to not only honor historic African-American influencers, but I'm beginning to build and create my own influence.

In doing so, don't forget to persist!

Treat your life's vision like a #BlackPanther mission -- one that you tackle with fearless determination and the expectation to win.

Before long -- your dreams will be your reality, and you'll sit among the superheros.

Until next time,


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