Jank-A** Joker Free

Dear sis, I have two words WILLARD SMITH! Yup -- the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire dropped a gem all up and down my timeline, and therefore, became my new celebrity BFF... in my head. LOL

I've always admired Will and Jada for their wisdom, but a couple days ago, the Man in Black went to social media to share a little insight about the Pursuit of Flourishing Friendships. It was spin from a quote by Rumi, a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar and theologian.

 "Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."                                                                                     -Rumi-

Of couse, Will had to hit us with the Philly translation: "don't be hanging around no jank ass jokers that dont help you shine" (I died laughing, but it's SO true!!!)

In a comical, yet very realistic way -- Mr. Smith helped me realize how precious time is. It is beyond necessary for us to protect our lives and mental space from people who don't help us propel. We should only make room for those who mean us well and want to see us prosper. Will gave us some advice on figuring out whether or not your circle is benefiting you: Check your phone. Look at the last 5 people you messaged. Are they encouraging you? Supporting your cause? Is your circle feeding your flame or dousing your fire?

In a matter of Instagram seconds, Will had me evaluating my circle to ensure I'm surrounded by ppl who nourish me and my dreams.. and, I am SO glad I did! Shout out to my girls 'cause I couldn't ask for more supportive friends! I have a much greater appreciation for camaraderie. As I thought more about Will's words, I began to also evaluate myself. I realized not only is it important to seek those who fan our flame, but it's equally as important to be the person who fans those around me. We all want friends and/or a significant other who helps us soar. But sometimes, life happens. We get wrapped up in our own stuff, and forget to be contribute to others. We can't seek encouragement without first being encouraging ourselves. So, in the midst of assessing those around us, let's also assess within. Think about your top 5 supporters. Would you make the cut as one of their top 5 supporters? Whoever those ppl are for you, let's hold ourselves accountable and be intentional about making their list. The people in my life are amazing. I've decided to go the extra mile so when my people look around they'll see me in the same light. One who adds fuel to their fire. As a personal reminder, I created a little remix to Rumi's quote and you can borrow if need be: "Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame. Be the person that you seek." Just ask yourself: "Who's fanning my flame?? Whose flame am I fanning?? How you answer will make all the difference. Love you lots XOXO LO 

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