Why are you sitting there?

Dear sis, I have one question for you... Why are you just sitting there? I know it's kind of a weird thing to ask, but stay with me on this one! lol "There" is a figurative space of complacency. It's the place where you've allowed comfort to pump the breaks on your success. You are fully aware that your potential isn't being met "there"... You know that the person you want to become can't be molded "there"... and, the big dreams you want to achieve likely won't come to fruition "there".

Yet, you still sit. So, again I ask --- WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE?

Honestly, I don't expect you to answer that. I pretty much know the response. I've been to the Land of Little Progress many times. It's a cute little town, but it certainly doesn't breed movers and shakers. "There" can be a strange place to live in. It's that feeling of wanting more and knowing there is opportunity out there for you -- but, for some reason, you STILL stay put. I've realized that often times we become stagnant out of fear of the unknown. Where will this journey take us? Is the grass reeeeeeally greener on the other side? We'd rather stay nestled riiiiight where we are, than take a risk and bank on the possibility of prosperity.

Anyone can lie dormant. It's easy and certainly predictable. But by doing so, we miss out on gaining new skills and life experiences. We subconsciously opt out of achieving new levels of courage and perseverance that we never knew we had. And most importantly, we allow the opportunities God has in store for us to fall by the wayside. Well, sis -- enough of that! NO more settling for what feels safe.

A while ago I started by forcing myself to do things I'd normally pass up. I'm networking and reaching out to people I normally wouldn't, and reassessing opportunities I would've turned down. Yeap!! -- those situations have pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I now have faith that whatever comes next will be worth the gamble. See, I've learned that it doesn't have to be some huge, life-altering act. (although packing my bags and moving to China on a whim does sound amazing lol) I'm realizing that any movement is better than no movement at all. We don't have to take EVERY step right away... we just have to take A step. The rest of the journey will unfold itself.

We already have all the things we need to be successful -- if only we'd just MOVE! No need of being afraid of what's to come, because no one ever really knows what's going to meet them after taking a leap of faith. The only way to find out is to JUMP. So here's to taking more risks and proactively transforming ourselves! We may not have every piece to the puzzle, or a detailed preview of what's ahead, but, let's start embracing the journey! All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other! Love you much, XOXO Lo 

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