Dear Sis,

It goes without saying that no one likes the idea of living within limits. Even animals hate being caged. They prefer the opportunity to roam free and explore the world around them! Seems like a pretty fair concept, right?……WRONG!! Lol

Over the last few years, I’ve realized how often we tend to do this to one another. We have this terrible habit of forcing other people into an imaginary box. We create characterizations of who a person is and in turn, want them to live by our definition of who we think they are. I’d imagine in most cases this is done subconsciously, but at times, it can feel extremely intentional. I know because I can recall being told: “I can’t see you doing that” or “that doesn’t really seem like you”. I'm sure you've heard similar comments or even said them to someone yourself!

Well, I've grown to hate those pesky phrases. Why? Because they translate as, “I’ve created a box for you, girl....and I think you should stay just the way you are."

Well, I've got one question, "HOW DARE YOU?!"

Listen, I’ve been that person too! But, after being on the receiving end of those comments over and over again, I've learned that we are constantly putting people at a disadvantage.

Humans are ALWAYS evolving! I know I am! Everyday I'm on a new journey of discovery, and honestly, I hope it never ends. So, let's think about that... if each of us are steadily discovering who we are, how is it possible that any outside source can dictate what looks, seems and sounds "like us"? (I'll wait lol)

Without reservation, people are so quick to say “I can’t see you going down that career path", "I can’t see you wearing that", "I can’t see you married with kids", "I can’t see you tackling this new idea". Well, quite frankly, you can’t see it cause I AIN'T DONE IT YET! Lol. As my grandmother used to say: "I can show you better than I can tell you!" (insert three snaps and neck roll here, lol)

The moral of the story is: don’t allow other people's imaginary boxes to instill insecurities within you. And, on the flip side, don’t be the person who doesn’t allow the people around you to grow. Give people the opportunity to transform into the person they want to be. Encourage your friends and family to unfold new parts of themselves! This week and beyond, let's break down those imaginary boxes and remove the ones we may have placed around others! I promise not to box you in, if you promise to do the same! Deal? XOXO Lo

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