Be a Backstabber!

Dear Sis,

This letter is going to be short and sweet... because quite frankly it's doesn't require much elaboration.

Y'all ready for this?? Here goes....

I want you to talk about your homegirl behind her back. Yep -- I said it!

Stab that chick in the BACK!!

Listen, it's 2017. Great friendships are not just built on brunch dates, girls trips and wine nights. Yes -- those things are cute and all, but chiiiile ain't nobody got time for frivolous camaraderie! We're out here trying to break barriers, hear?!

True friendship is much deeper than any social hour. It's about making sure your closest friends are living their BEST lives -- spiritually, mentally and professionally. And to ensure that, sometimes you gotta gossip behind their backs!

See, I've been blessed with some AMAZING friends. They are fiercely loyal, undoubtedly loving and they kick butt in everything they do.

So, guess what -- I talk about 'em!

I tout my friends' skills and accomplishments every chance I get. I recommend them for events or projects, and name drop while networking. Not for my benefit, but for THEIRS.

Anyone can talk a good game when they're face to face with a friend. But, when you start advocating for your inner circle behind their backs, it shows just how genuine you are. And, the best part about it -- they never have to know!

So -- speak up, sis! I condone this backstabbing behavior! Help your girl get where you KNOW she deserves to be. And, if you don't know the players in her industry, take her name to Jesus himself. Pray for her prosperity, and pray that you can be an asset to her world.

THAT, my friends -- is called being #amongsisters.

Until next time,


(P.S. This blog is NOT for the petty at heart. LOL...We'll deal with the Negative Nancys on another Monday.)

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