Dear Sis, 

This past week was SO exciting. Not Disneyland during Christmas-time exciting... more like "I make money moves" {in my Cardi B voice} exciting! Okay.... not really. But, you catch my drift! Over and over, I found myself dreaming up some pretty awesome ideas! I'm not sure what got my creative juices flowing... or even what inspired the concepts, but it was exciting to simply visualize a new journey and possibility. Typically when a bright idea comes to mind, I reach for my phone and speed dial my “crew”. You know… that set of girlfriends or family members who you share just about EVERYTHING with. This wasn't out of the ordinary for me -- in fact, it was my routine! But this week, something told me to STOP. And for the first time.... and, I mean the veeeerrrrry first time, I actually listened. (I’m hard headed y’all lol) That familiar voice forced me into a quiet space that I’m really grateful for. Simply put -- I just talk too much! LOL. I'm not trying to pull you down with me, but I KNOW you know what I'm talking about! Whenever we come across an amazing idea, we rush to share it with our bestie, mom or “bae” -- prematurely spilling all the tea about our new vision. While sometimes those conversations go over well, other times they are met with criticism or dullness. We hope that our loved ones will have the same level of excitement that we do, but when they don't, we subconsciously begin to doubt our ideas all together. We get frustrated and are quick to call the other person a "hater", lol.... But, the truth of the matter is: Girl, we talk TOO MUCH and we speak TOO SOON! I've learned that everything isn’t meant for everybody. Furthermore, if it's meant for me to share, it doesn't have to be shared immediately. Sometimes the lack of enthusiasm we receive is because we didn’t give ourselves adequate time to fully formulate our ideas. I know, I sounds bad, but I'm guilty of it, too! Although I may be itching to bounce ideas off of the people closest to me, I realize it is equally important for me to create a space where it is just me and my idea -- a think-tank where I can brainstorm and pray before allowing someone else's energy to intervene. Yes, you love them... and yes, their opinion means the world to you! But, give yourself the chance to REALLY make them proud. So, this is what we're going to do: We're just going to be quiet! Yes ma'am....we're going to stop talking and just BE!! Let's bask in the birthing of new concepts and nurture them! We can call mama 'nem NEXT week. Love you much! XOXO, Lo     

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