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Dear Sis,

When it comes to becoming our best selves, part of that means giving back. It's not just about grooming who we are mentally, spiritually and physically, but it's also about how we contribute to the world around us.

Our parents have been the BEST models when it comes to selflessness and benevolence.

Last fall, they packed their bags and headed to Lesotho, a landlocked country within South Africa. They were on a mission to minister and change lives, no matter the sacrifice.

One of their responsibilities is overseeing the operations and development of orphanages owned by the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The Selulasandla AME Vashti Children's Village in Swaziland is home to about 25 orphans. The organization pays for their school fees, feeds them, and takes care of their health.

These children need our support! Let's rally together and help renovate this home for the holidays! Will you help us?!

You can donate directly to the 18th Episcopal District by visiting the link below!

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!!

- Lauren and Valencia

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