What the F***?!

Dear Sis, I'm not going to lie... this week had me asking "What the F?!..."!! And no, it's not the word you're thinking! (Shaking my head! Lol) 

I'm talking about FEAR! Have you ever had that one annoying friend who somehow always finds a way to sashay her way into your space? I mean, every time you turn around, there she is! Well, this week's little annoyance was named FEAR. She was literally everywhere and wouldn't leave me or my homegirls alone! Earlier this week, my friend mentioned a business venture she'd been pondering for nearly a year. In a matter of moments, her awesome idea was turned into a laundry list of reservations. Before I could even respond, she had talked herself out of pursuing the idea all together. 

(Boy, did THAT escalated quickly?! lol)  

While most of her reservations may have been valid, I realized most were rooted in fear. Here's the thing: I didn't have any magical advice for her. (I know... major disappointment) Why?? Because I completely understood where she was coming from!

Honestly, this week forced me to put on my big girl stilettos more often than I cared to. There were several times that I had to scream "Snap out of it, Lauren!!" cause that pesty little Fear was trying to wrangle me in! Fear is like that ever-present hater who never wants to see you be great!! So, I have to check her......OFTEN! Lol Nonetheless, I learned something this week. Fear is a short 4-letter word, but it can literally consume you like a spelling bee champ! Fear alone can stifle your growth and ultimately derail your life if you let it. Think about it -- before we attempt to apply for a promotion, move to that new city or start that new business, we've already hand-picked all the reasons why we won't be successful. We self-sabotage our future by constantly reminding ourselves of all the things that could go wrong, instead of having a mindset of expectancy and preparing for what could go right!

I've realized we expect others to see the best in us, yet we allow fear to rob us of seeing the best in ourselves. Well, here's our chance to change that! I came across a passage by Devon Franklin that encouraged his readers to take everything that scares you and making it your to do list. What a brilliant idea!! Think about how powerful we would be if we stopped counting ourselves out, muted our voice of fear and trusted our potential!

I don't know about you, but I'm taking up the challenge! Will you join me?!  Keep shining sis! XOXO Lo

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