Home Sweet Home!!

Dear sis,

I went HOME! Not home in its literal sense, but you know what they say, "home is where your heart is".

This weekend, I celebrated 5 years since graduating from Spelman College. Alumnae came from near and far to reunite with old friends and relive what some would describe as the best years of our lives.

Spelman and Morehouse Colleges were at the center of my greatest college memories, and the birthplace of life-long friendships. It was on those college campuses where I began to discover myself and chart my own course.... where I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, because I knew I had a crowd of peers and administrators cheering for my success.

This year, more than ever, I realized how beautiful and valuable my college experience was. It felt SO good to reconnect with friends, rejuvenate, and reflect on those four beautiful years. 

Homecoming is more than a party... it’s a family reunion, a networking event, a moment to recharge and an annual dose of motivation to keep pushing toward achievement. 

Where ever we are in life, it’s important to reminisce and look to the place where our dreams began for a fresh perspective. I left the AUC proud of my education and eager to represent black scholarship and excellence!



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