"What in the world is going on?"

Dear Sis, 

I knew something was wrong. 

I didn't even have to get out of bed to find out. 

I turned over and there were the notifications. 

CNN, People, The Washington Post - all running similar headlines: "At least 50 are dead..."

I didn't have to read any further. 

I knew what had happened. I've read too many of these stories before. Heck, I've WRITTEN these stories before. 

And, then there was the text from my mother overseas. "What in the world is going on???"

That too, was familiar.

I'd heard that question in a voice of frantic worry about two years ago. 

I had been called to cover a shooting at the corner of Calhoun and Meeting Streets in Charleston, SC. Nine people were murdered by a gunman invading their bible study, and my mother had gotten wind of the news.

"What in the world is going on??? Are you okay??? PLEASE be careful," she pleaded. 

I can't express to you the anguish I felt that night. But, I can tell you the fear only seems to multiply, much like the figures in those headlines.  

In San Bernardino, there were 14... killed at work. 

In Orlando, there were 49... killed in a night club. 

And all of those came after 20 sweet children were murdered... AT SCHOOL.

Now, there are more than 50 gone, nearly 400 injured by gunfire during an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas. 


I mean seriously, "What in the world is going on???"

I don't have the answer to my mother's question, but I do have faith. It's my only solace.

"May God guard us with His divine protection.  May He give us peace in the midst of fear, confusion or tragedy."

This is my prayer. 

Until next time, 


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