Paw Paw ~ Our Wonder Man

To put him into words is wildly inadequate.

How do you describe the wonder of this man in simple black font? Plain... boring... font.

He is vibrant, full of color and full of character, so no sentence will ever be sufficient. He is funny and a joy to be around. He jabs with the best of them and is likely to beat you at your own game.

But most importantly, he is love... unadulterated, outright, unconditional love. Edward Belin was all things wonderful in the world of grandfathers - the father of 7 and "Paw Paw" to more than 20. It would have been easy for him to overlook any of us. But, each of us held a special place in his heart and we knew it.

His hugs were always tight and full of intention.

His warmth filled a room and his "I love you, baby" will stand the test of time. We love you, Paw Paw... today, tomorrow and forever.


Lauren and Valencia

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