Don't get solar eclipse'd

Dear Sis, 

Today is the day. The one we've all been holding our breath and patiently waiting for since June 8, 1918. 

FINALLY, the reverential wonder of a total solar eclipse will descend upon 14 states across our great country, and the world will forever be made whole again. 

Sensing sarcasm here? No, no... I'm a big fan of the solar eclipse! In fact,  she and I are BFFs. 

Trust me -- talking science and making silly faces with second graders came as a welcomed reprieve last week.

Why? -- Because of last Saturday. 

You know... the day when political hatred and bigotry came to a nasty head killing an innocent woman and injuring dozens of others during a raging protest of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Yes. Lest we forget last Saturday. 

See, as a news reporter, I have the obscure privilege of experiencing both the highs and lows of our country first-hand. 

Just a few days ago, I was supposed to be covering a peaceful demonstration in downtown Columbus. Instead, my photographer and I were met by a group of masked, armed protesters blocking traffic and yelling, "f*ck the police!!" at those same officers guarding their lives from being run over. 

My job is quite the balancing act. 

One day it's selfies with students who adore you for no reason at all. The next, it's pictures of a scene in Steubenville, Ohio where a county judge was shot outside of his courthouse... seemingly, for no reason at all. 

All it takes is a few swipes through a Twitter feed and  your solar-stricken splendor is ripped to shreds. Vicious, I know but that's my reality. And quite frankly, yours too. 

Here's my point: don't get solar eclipse'd. 

Sure... enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of watching the moon overtake the sun and subsequently dim our daytime sunlight into a two-minute realm of darkness. It's cool!

However, be ye not blinded. 

I hope you purchased your viewing glasses, because the world is in the midst of turmoil and now is not the time to pretend as if you cannot see the battle being fought around you. Don't be shocked by it's prevalence. Armor yourself and withstand the war!

You must be spiritually and emotionally sound when blatant racism is heard in your workplace or violent protest bombards your back door. 

I want you to bask in the good in our world, 'cause there is plenty of it. But we also need to pray, shield and combat against the bad, 'cause there's plenty of that too.

Until next time, 


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