Are you listening?

Dear sis, 

I'm just going to dive right in...

Why do we trust everyone, but ourselves? I know... it sounds crazy, but it's SO true. Think about it. How many times have we been in situations where our gut tells us to do one thing, but we do the total opposite?

We’ve all been there! For instance, consider that relationship that produced a thousand red flags, but we decided to ignore them out of fear of losing out. Yet months later, we find out that every thought we had in the back of our minds turned out to be true. Those situations often leave us saying those 3 dreadful words “I knew it!”

Imagine how much time you’ve wasted on unfruitful relationships. Imagine the years you could’ve spent chasing your passions, if only you'd trusted that gut feeling telling you that 9-5 just isn’t for you. 

No more setting ourselves up for disappointment! All we have to do is trust our intuition. Truth is: we don’t give ourselves enough credit, and 9 -times-out-of-ten we’re RIGHT! 

Our discernment is one of our greatest gifts, yet we rarely follow its instruction. The next time you find yourself in a tough situation or notice one of those familiar red flags, don’t ignore them!

Take a risk, listen to your inner voice and trust yourself. 



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