Issa Selfie

Dear sis, 

In the world of selfies, we all know what makes for a perfect picture. 

You know... when the sun hits your skin tone just right, making your eyes glisten in golden goodness, only to add that insta-fabulous Instagram filter that doubles your likes in a matter of clicks. 

YES, a sister loooooooves a good selfie. But, let's be honest: positive self-imagery is not manufactured by a front-facing camera on your cell phone. The pictures we take are only a snapshot of the mural being painted within us. No altered light or SnapChat filter can enhance that. 

So, the challenge in this letter is simple: the next time you take a selfie, take a moment of self-study and self-motivation. Instead of rushing to crop or filter what's already there, spend time appreciating the beauty... the intelligence... the strength... the character beyond the lens. 

If you find elements of yourself that you want to change, acknowledge them and take the initiative to transform those things NOW. Don't put your self-development on the back burner.

I know it may be hard to candidly assess the woman in the mirror, but understand: you are your own worse critic; but most importantly, you are also your biggest advocate! No one knows you better than you. Self-study gives you the power to analyze your whole self, and therefore craft exactly the person you want to become. 

Until you identify your needed areas of growth, you will live on plateaued plains. 

To avoid that, here's your recipe: 

Snap a selfie.


Snap a selfie.



In the end, you won't depend on filters -- your inner light will illuminate every aspect within. 

Until next  time,  V

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