Reclaiming our time!

Dear Sis,

Say it with me:

"Reclaiming my time"

"Reclaiming my time"

"Reclaiming MY TIME!!!!"

Yes, yes --- California Representative Maxine Waters has done it again. In a matter of three words she has commissioned us all to take back what is rightfully ours. And, honey... we're HERE for it.

In case you missed it: "Auntie Max", as I like to call her, has made social media headlines for shutting down United States Secretary Steve Mnuchin during a House Financial Services Committee hearing last Thursday. Each committee member is given an allotted time to question the witnesses (Mnuchin). Well, this go round, #AuntieMax says Mr. Secretary was "filibustering" in an effort to eat up her critical moments on the floor. However, his repetitive attempts were met with a stone-faced, yet poised declaration of "Reclaiming my time!"

Here's what we LOVE about Rep. Waters: she stood firm in her queendom! The United States Representative sternly stated her claim, yet never raised her voice. The fact is: she didn't have to. She knew the respect she deserved, the process in which it was granted and imperatively requested it.

How many times do we allow people or circumstance to abuse our time for the sake of calculated agendas?

The term "time" is meant both literally and figuratively. Wasted time on unfruitful relationships, friendships included... wasted energy on ineffective careers or responsibility... wasted potential at the cause of poor decisions.

Instead, let's stand with madam representative and be mindful of how we distribute our time! The moments you have today may not be given tomorrow. Every precious moment is an opportunity to be powerful, trans-formative or simply extraordinary. All you have to do.... is CLAIM it.

Psalms 31:15

In love, V + Lo

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