To Our Father


You're the man! 

Not just THE SUPERMAN: a class act of suit-wearing fatherhood in superior form! 

The first man to look into our eyes and beam with pride. 

The first willing to sacrifice anything, so we could have everything. 

The man who juggled an infant in one arm and mastered cake cutting with the other.

The man who bid us an "I love you" every morning...

And, the one we ran to in the pick-up line every afternoon. 

You're the man who never missed a school program, and makes sure we know we've made you proud. 

You're the man who guides, provides and supports.

You're the man who constantly raises our standards and challenges our intelligence. 

The one who always answers, and makes us smile without trying. 

The one who is slow to take, but first to give and give and give. 

Our problem-solver.... our inspiration and the BEST hug-giver on this side of heaven. 

Yea, Daddy --- you're the MAN!! So, we thank you.... for being our real life hero.

Truth is --- What more could we ask for?

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!

With love, 

Your Daughters

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