Shut up, already!

Dear Sis,

Ok, I know what you're thinking -- "Did she just tell me to shut up?!"

And, the answer is: yes. YES, I did.

But, you know I didn't mean it! Especially not in the neck rolling, attitude-drenched tone you initially envisioned. 

That "shut up!" was written in the sometimes-hard-to-comprehend language of tough love, in which I am fluent in. 

This letter is about complaining. All of us do it, but few of us acknowledge how much power it has over us. 

Complaining is like an infectious disease. It's easy to catch, but hard to get rid of. All it takes is one acknowledgement of inner frustration, and before long we find ourselves on a never-ending merry-go-round of dissatisfaction.

I get it. Life isn't always easy and it certainly isn't perfect. Venting to close friends or loved ones is necessary and often curing. But, when your venting turns into repetitive moaning about frivolous things, we've got a problem!

One of your most precious gifts is your sanity, and you have the power to protect it by gauging your mental intake. 

"Ok, Valencia -- what in the world does that mean?"... yep, I heard you! 

It means taking the time to decipher what is worth your emotional energy. Yes -- some issues deserve your protest, but most do not. A split second decision could make the difference between allowing a circumstance to ruin your day, or setting a momentum for positivity. 

So, let's do this: Let's overlook the small aggravations in life and focus our attention on what's going well. 

We are blessed beyond measure, yet we don't give our good fortune the recognition it deserves. 

You could be the joy this world is craving... the smile that lights up a dreary room.... the giver of peace in the midst of chaos. 

Shine on, sis!                                                                                                   Until next time,                                                                                                                       V 

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