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To our Mother

Dear Mommy,

Here we are again.

Another year, a different Mother's Day.....yet, the same You.


The one who loved us before we opened eyes on this earth.

The one who covered us and protected us before anyone else had the chance.


The one who brings light and laughter into our world.

The one who speaks prosperity when failure clouds our determination.


The one who fashioned us in a wardrobe of grace and dignity.

The one who still boasts about her "babies" to every ear that will listen.


Gorgeous you.

The one who turns heads, lifts spirits and calms fears.

You are who we dream to be:

...the mother we hope to become,

...the servant our world needs,

...the friend every person deserves.

So, here we are again....

Humbly grateful for another year, a different Mother's Day.... yet, the same YOU.

Happy Mother's Day, mommy!!!!

With love,

Your daughters

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