Mommy Knows Best!

Four moms, at different stages of motherhood, share tips on becoming the BEST millennial mom! Whether you are expecting your first child or having trouble conceiving, these moms offer lessons learned on their journey. 


Brooklynne Peters: mom to 2 1/2 year old Felicity Kate, a second on the way

1. Bye bye, worry! 

If you can keep yourself from worrying about every little thing (and there are lots of things you can choose to worry about) -- being a parent and having a child, is super fun!

2. Memorize the nursery rhymes!

The sooner you learn to effectively distract your child, the better. You'll find that much of parenthood is figuring out diversions to keep your kids from noticing or focusing on things they don't like. Learn to tell stories! Find things they like and keep them on hand! Distraction is key.

3. Expect the unexpected! 

Now that baby #2 is coming in just a few short weeks, my challenge has been to keep my expectations in check, while simultaneously maintaining a positive outlook. There's no way to know what to expect! So, the nursery is ready in plenty of time and I have all the gear I need before I need it!


Kristi R. Fultz-Butts: mom of 13-year old Mallory, 12-year old Reagan, and 8-year old Crawford

1. You are NOT your mother.... and, that's okay! 

My mother was the perfect model for how I would raise my children with dignity, requiring high academic achievement, being service-minded and as morally upright human

beings. While this template was applicable, as a new mother in 2003 I quickly realized that God does not intend for carbon copy experiences. I have not deviated far from my upbringing, but today’s children aren’t the children of the 1970s and I am not my mother. Young mothers should seek wise counsel, but ultimately decide what it is you desire for your children.

2. Don't lose sight of self

As a working mother, I am at my best when I nurture both my family and

me. Healthy living is vitally important to me through spiritual nourishment,

healthy meals, healthy discourse, proper exercise, community service, regular date nights with my husband, and time with friends. Mothers can’t give to their children what it is they don’t have. 


Sydney Brant: mom of 3-year old Sullivan

1. YOU are worthy!

This one is for the Mommas who took the unconventional path to motherhood. Giving birth does not make you any less of a mother than the woman who carried their baby for nine months.  The Lord chooses different paths for all of us and that's ok!  Through 12 years of infertility and a calling to adopt, I became "momma" to a sweet little angel in 2013. Even though it was the hardest trial I have endured, I wouldn't change a second of it. So mommas, if you are in the valley and your heart is struggling, keep your eyes on Him and keep moving. The reward makes it all worth it in the end!


Toyce Newton: Mother of 3 adult sons, grandmother of 1 

1. Open your ears! 

Listen to sound advice.  Our interest is not to run your life, but to prevent devastating decisions whenever possible.  There are always opportunities to get favorable results in motherhood without having to suffer and/or agonize through life’s dilemmas. We would never steer you wrong simply out of the love we have for you.  

2. Don't. run. out! 

Use your resources, but don’t deplete them.  While we are older, wiser and have more money, that doesn’t mean we want to give it all away.

3. Have no fear, mommy is *always* here! 

Know this!....  the unconditional love given to your family is a gift from God. It will continue to provide the power and ability to overcome whatever you encounter in motherhood.

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