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Welcome to the Wild!

Dear sis, Our third day in Johannesburg was AMAZING!!! Months before we got to the city I had been looking forward to the adventures Johannesburg had to offer and let me just say, she DELIVERED! I've always wanted to be up close and personal with "wild" animals and experience them in their natural habit. I even wanted to a pet monkey as a child (lol).

At the beginning of 2017, I created a bucket list for the year. It included everything from trying new restaurants in the city, to embarking upon spontaneous adventures while abroad. I knew this trip was coming up so, it was the perfect time for me to check a few things off my list! 

We visited a lion park and an elephant sanctuary about an hour and a half outside of Johannesburg. They were tucked away in a small town called Hartebeespoort, South Africa and it was so worth the drive. We got a chance to pet baby cheetahs, feed giraffes, and ride an elephant while learning about their livelihood, mating rituals and anatomy. Now let me be honest, they are SMELLY (lol) but once you get past the odor it's an experience everyone should have at least once.  

So, if you're ever headed to Jo'burg in the future and enjoy animals -- this is an absolute must! In fact, even if you don't like animals THIS IS A MUST! 

Hit us up on Instagram @amongsisters to see more of our adventure! WELCOME to the Wild!  

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