Your name is "Change"

Dear Sis,

April is a pretty awesome month!

  1. I was born in it. (Yes… shameless plug)

  2. Our dear alma mater Spelman College is celebrating 136 years of existence.

My sister and I both graduated from Spelman, and I feel confident in speaking for both of us when I say it was the BEST decision we ever made!

It’s the first place we experienced genuine sisterhood beyond our own relationship. We found some of our closest friends there – the ones who support us unconditionally and who believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves!

Several years ago, Spelman adopted the tagline: “A Choice to Change the World”

It was derived from a song my Spelman sister Sarah Stephens (now Benibo) wrote for commencement in 2008.

The chorus reads:

It’s my choice and I choose to change the world

It’s my voice and I’ll speak with pride and courage!

I’ll be the change I want to see

I’ll scream out loud and say

It’s my choice and I choose to change the world!

Need I further explain??? The song speaks for itself.

You have a voice…. Use it.

See a void… fill it.

Tired of a problem… create the solution.

You can be the change you want to see in this often weary world. That’s the only way anything worth doing will get done!

Until next time,


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