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Stick to the Basics!

Dear sis,

Is it just me or does every morning present one of the most challenging tasks of the day? Creating a trendy professional look with minimal effort and limited time. I struggled with this for a while, ok probably more like years and it’s just plain exhausting. From 30 mins of trying on outfit after outfit and turning my closet upside down every morning to nailing the perfect look in half the time. I’ve found beauty in sticking to the basics, all it takes is a handful of classics to mix in with trendier pieces. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite staples that helped along the way.

A neutral statement Bag or Carryall Tote

While I love a small wallet size clutch for the weekend they just don’t get the job done Monday through Friday. I literally carry my life with me, anywhere from a pair of flats to hair utensils can be found in my bag on any given day, so tote bags have been my saving grace. They’re large enough to carry my essentials and sturdy enough for the days hustle and bustle, but still offer a clean professional look.

The Blazer

I’m a complete fan of blazers! They can transform any look. When it comes to versatility within your wardrobe, nothing beats a classic blazer. Pair it with a dress, mix and match with a pair of slacks or a skirt, or throw it on with a pair of jeans and heels. It’s EASY and I don’t have to invest too much thought. So, it’s a winner for me!

Versatile dress

Dresses make my mornings 10 times easier. I don’t have to spend time mixing and matching to find a shirt and skirt that complement one another. It’s one piece! I add a necklace, earrings, shoes or even a blazer and I’m done!

Statement necklace

I’m not really into huge, bright, shiny jewelry and I’ve found that statement necklaces don’t have to be! They add the perfect touch to an outfit and grab just enough attention to show you’ve made a bold choice!

An awesome pair of classic pumps

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Ok that sounds great but in all honesty I’m still building my collection of work pumps. I’m all about comfort but every now and then a few extra inches doesn’t hurt. Finding a great pair of pumps that you can wear all day without having to pull those flats from your bag is the ultimate goal. Black, beige or a pop of color we all need a few go to pair!



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